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Meet the J80 curriculum includes:

  • An orientation to J80 basics: rigging, sail-handling, tacking/jibing, docking, crew overboard recovery, reefing, winch safety, outboard engine overview, etc.
  • Applying your existing sailing skills and knowledge to a vessel that is bigger, faster, and has a longer glide zone than a Rhodes 19.
  • An introduction to crew roles and how to teach crew to assist a skipper.


  • Learn to Sail (or similar experience)
  • Yellow Flag certification


Meet the J80 occurs across 2 Friday evenings beginning at 5:30pm and ending at 8:30pm for a total of 6 class hours.

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Things to note:

Meet the J80 is a 6-hour introductory clinic and is not designed to replace our Performance classes, in which we encourage sailors to enroll to build more advanced skills. A J80 membership is not required to participate, but membership and a separately scheduled J80 checkout would be necessary to gain access to the J80 fleet outside of class hours.